Charles Olive

Designed in Excel. Handmade in Britain.

Charles Olive is an accessories label specialising in bow ties. We love bow ties but it's often difficult to find one that excites. This is why we set up our label. We think there's room at the table for a scrappy young upstart offering something different.

About Charles Olive

Designed In Excel.

Not all our bow ties are designed using Excel but it's a sentiment that we hold dear. A bow tie doesn't just have to be a spot, stripe or check. We want to experiment and create something new. This could mean designing in Excel, collaborating with artists and designers or even looking at archive fabrics from different mills.

About Charles Olive

Handmade in Britain.

We're not a heritage brand. In fact we're proud to be modern, but that doesn't mean we don't strive to create the best possible bow ties and for us that means producing them by hand in Britain.

About Charles Olive